Independent Final Project | Technology/ Multimedia

The end of the year has come, my technology and multimedia class became more exciting. “I am giving you this project as your final assessment because I want you to grow more as an independent learner and discover your true passion,” my whole class sat silently listening what my facilitator is speaking.

This round, in Technology and Multimedia class I was working on an independent project that covers one thing I have learned in this whole year. During this whole year, I found out my new passion is doing “Videography” which led me to choose to work on a project that comprises videography skill lessons I have studied this year. I have to plan out my own schedule in order to accomplish my project on the due date. Before I started to film, I decided to watch some Youtube videos to help me shoot more cinematic video. After I filmed everything, I wanted to learn another skill which I used an Adobe software called “After Effect” to edit my video. I watched some Youtube videos to learn how to make the transition and to color grade the video. When you watch the video it looks very aesthetic and transitional. Yet I met so many challenges during the process of making the video. One of the problems is color grading, I have to install another software in order to put the filter on the video but I can’t download the software because I have to pay for it. After spending hours and hours on finding the solution to color grade my video I have overcome the problem. I tried to use my ingenuity skill which I have to create another adjustment layer in After Effect and created my own color filter. The filter came out so pleasant which at this point it has taught me to just be patient and think outside the box because hard work will pay off when you put full effort into it. Another problem is using the graph in the software to adjust my transition, I have tried so hard at first to create transition but it just doesn’t work. That time I wanted to give up on my project but because I remember that hard work increases the probability of serendipity, so I didn’t give up. I watched more Youtube tutorials and asked my friend who is an expert in creating the transition. Now as you see in the video, I have my beautiful looking transition. Throughout the whole 2 weeks that I have dedicated my time to this project, it was very enjoyable and educational. I have discovered my new passion and motivated myself to grow in the future as an independent learner. One of the important experience that I have learned and taken away during this project is to not give up on the thing that you think it is difficult because everything could go wrong and fail at any time but you have to know that the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

This is one of the projects that I have enjoyed working on, besides that it has inspired me with so many new experiences in learning independently.

Here is the link to the project which is the video I have created: