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Writing a post for Math has always been easy and short but today I would like to do a thoughtful post about Math as a class. I’ve never been the fastest student in figuring out the math, I’m a slow thinker. There are times that there are easy problems and I get it fast but there are times that the learning process takes a lot of time. In responding to the current global pandemic, I’m currently doing online classes or independent study for my essential class. Math was one of the subjects I tried to finish what I had left off at school before round 4 ended. 

What did Math teach me during these past few weeks studying it at home? 

Learning Math by myself has never been easy. There would be times where I find it very hard and feeling like the world is collapsing. Despite the confusing part, what keeps me motivated to do the work is “Khan Academy”. This website is a perfect match for people who love learning it online and need a very helpful explanation from the instructor. What I learned during round 4 is “Quadratics: Multiplying & factoring.” This lesson is not that hard but it can get very confusing. I get confused a lot with different activities. There are times I lost, so one day I gave up searching for my notes. I decided to watch the Khan video and read the Khan textbook. Watching those videos was very helpful and remind me of what I’ve forgotten from school. This is why Math is one of my favorite subjects. It is very easy to learn from everywhere around the world, especially when there is a global pandemic situation like this. Learning independently can teach us that sometimes we can’t just sit there having a facilitator all the time. We must learn how to use the resources that we have and make the most out of it.