Sunflower Smile

Wherever you go carry that smile with you

The one that would be cruel not to kiss

The one that lightens up the life

The one that makes every other smile irrelevant


The cosmos took its time to craft you precisely

With the sun that was rise in India

That’s why you are the untouchable star

The one that brightens up the night


You are the museum that is full of art

The one that is resilient and extraordinary

The one that feels like

Italia la ciudad del amor


You wore your scars like wings

Your spirit is unparalleled

You are one that can see the sunrise even on those darkest days

the chaotic one that made today beautiful


Finally, you are precious

Everyone loves and admires you

Let your happy soul be the best shield for a harsh world

You’re the sunflower that is stunning inside and out


By: Vuochnea Taing

Inspired By: Raupi Kaur

Date: Feb 4, 2019