Cell | Science

What make us up?

Where do we come from?

What is a living life?

My science class always remain fascinating in every single round. This is my very first round of this new academic year, 2019-2020. I am in love with biology, everything about it is incredible.

Biology is the study of life. Every living thing or life are made up of cells. How many cells? The answer is trillion and trillion. Cell is small but without them we won’t have life. Cells play an important role in our body. There are two types of cell prokaryotic and eukaryotic. These are some theory about both of the cells.

They both have:

  1. Cytoplasm
  2. DNA
  3. Ribosome
  4. Cell Membrane

Eukaryotic cell is way more complex than prokaryotic. Inside a eukaryotic cell there are organelles. Those organelles play a crucial role in order to maintain the cell. 

As a student who is passionate about science, I find this lesson was very fun. I got to learn so many new things and see those macro-molecules in our body. I grew even more loves for Biology because I get to learn what is inside our body as well as animals and plants. During the class we have a lot of class work. It’s was the start of the year and no one is ready for school but I affirm myself, push myself and try to concentrate as much as I can in class. I have so many fruitful discussions with my classmates for this round, hey classmate! if you are reading this I enjoy solving those biology mysteries with you all.