Gala Dinner | Exploration

During round 3 in my third year in Liger, I was in an exploration where the school wanted to organize a gala event in December 2020. My first impression was this exploration is going to be like other explorations because I have participated in planning many events before. Our goal was to study the feasibility and create a gala dinner about showcasing the Kingdom’s prosperity as well as the advancement of today’s Cambodian countrymen, through Khmer golden art and presentations from Cambodian. The exploration was not going as I expected, I realized that sometimes in life the skill you wish you wouldn’t want to learn will always come back to you in no matter what project. I was put on into the job that I feel uncomfortable doing it but I have to do it for points and credits. I took the risk of contacting potential sponsors for the event. I was so scared and nervous to call a stranger or even emailing people I have never reached out to before. One potential company that I was contacting was Coca Cola. First I called the receptionist for the marketing worker’s email and I realized that they are nice people. So after the call, I got the email and I have the small courage to continue the progress of my work. I emailed the marketing director and she replied nicely that she can sponsor a kind of product for our event. I was so happy that it changed my perspective of contacting and networking. The feasibility of our gala dinner event is very good that now they are continually working on it during this new round. Every time I join a new project I meet a new challenge but I didn’t want that challenge to stop me from doing what will benefit me and my life in the future. I think the gala event planning project taught me very well about adapting to new skills and taking risks even though you’re uncertain about it. I’m looking forward to this event happening in the future and benefiting Cambodia. 

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